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Submission + - your neighbor springs for your bandwith 1

An anonymous reader writes: a family friend has asked me to install a high speed, low-latency network so he can install video conferencing in his home office. he lives on a private road with about 10 houses on it, and wants to offer his neighbours acceess to the same. the houses are each on 2 acres, on some hilly land, so in total are pretty far apart. what would you suggest for him, and what would you suggest he offer his neighbours ?
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your neighbor springs for your bandwith

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  • Sharing an internet link is against every ISP's TOS, is illegal in most states, and could expose the homeowner to all sorts of grief if one of his neighbors is a perv or gets caught up in an RIAA/MPAA dragnet.

    Have him form a little company. It can get a business line from the ISP, and then he can "resell" it to his neighbors for a very nominal fee.

    As for the technology... I don't know. 802.11n and Cat5e with high-quality "off-loading" NICs are what I'd first think of.

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