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Submission + - 'Staying Alive' keeps Saving Lives

Hugh Pickens writes: "Wired reports that doing chest compressions to the beat of the BeeGees' disco classic 'Stayin' Alive' can get a person's heart going again after cardiac arrest and has saved more than one life. After Tom Maimone, an experienced jogger who'd been given a clean bill of health by his doctor, suffered a heart attack during a 10 mile run and collapsed in the street, a passerby stopped to perform CPR recalling that the latest CPR technique could be done to the 1970's disco hit and was able to maintain the proper rhythm until EMTs arrived to take over. The song saved another person recently in Massachusetts as a woman was taking a walk in the woods with her 53-year-old husband one morning when suddenly he collapsed. As it turns out, 'Stayin' Alive' has a beat that's almost exactly 100 beats per minute — the same rate the American Heart Association now recommends for chest compressions during CPR. Going too slow doesn't generate enough blood flow, and going too fast doesn't allow the heart to fill properly between compressions. Just as importantly, nearly every American born in the last half-century knows the song by heart. Interestingly enough, the reason the song has such an unchanging rhythm throughout the song is that 'Stayin' Alive' was recorded without a live drummer. The BeeGees selected two bars from already-recorded "Night Fever," re-recorded them to a separate track, and proceeded with sessions for "Stayin' Alive". As a joke, the group listed the drummer as "Bernard Lupe" who became a highly sought-after drummer — until it was discovered that he did not exist."
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'Staying Alive' keeps Saving Lives

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