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Submission + - New Mac OS X rootkit to be revealed at Black Hat ( 7

Trailrunner7 writes: "Both Windows and Unix have been hit with numerous rootkits in the last few years, but Macs have been immune. Until now. Mac hacker and author of "The Mac Hacker's Handbook" will unveil a new Mac kernel-mode rootkit that takes advantage of OS X's Mach OS heritage. The rootkit, called Machiavelli, gives the attacker complete control of a remote machine and is quite difficult to detect, according to an interview with Dai Zovi on"
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New Mac OS X rootkit to be revealed at Black Hat

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  • Let's just head off the Mac fanboys right now: Yes Macs are *safer* right now, but that is not going to be true forever. Attackers are finding the weaknesses more often and the more market share Apple gets, the larger the population of targets. Welcome to the world of Windows.
  • Perhaps, but the Mac rootkit will be so much cooler.
    There's that, and Apple's TimeMachine will make backing up your rootkit effortless - not like using those nasty 'shadow copies' or even 'SystemRestore'.

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