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Submission + - New job, new software, new problem?

Nicros writes: So I just got a good paying job as a senior software engineer at a biotech company. When I was hired, I was told that I would be leading a project, coding and re-architecting a legacy application which they wanted to 'productize'. Sounded cool! So then I started, and discovered that although all of those things are factually correct, the reality is a bit different.

The code base is over 180,000 lines of really complex unmaintainable code. Several files (this is C# btw) have over 25,000 lines per file (!). And that is for 1 class with 125 methods- so you can do the math how big each method is. Additionally, this is scientific software, so it is very, very complex.

I'm having a hard time even running metrics on these things because they are such memory hogs for the tools available.

So okay, thats a lot of work to refactor and rearchitect that, maybe even for a team. Oh yeah, I have probably less than a year.

I came from a position where I was a project lead, technical lead and a manager. This new position would seem to be me, coding, alone, for a very long time. Not learning that much, and Im not seeing much career enhancement other than becoming a crack C# programmer (which would be one good thing anyway). So I guess Im still a lead. But overall, I feel I have taken a step back career wise. The company is also, of course, resource limited so I may or may not be able to hire some help.

So, I would be very interested in hearing what others thing about this situation, and possible ways to deal with it in a positive manner. Are there career risks here? I do need the job, so I cant just bail. I also would not like to let them down, they hired me to do a job and I accepted- I want to do it well. So I really would like to make the best of this and help my career at the same time, but Im having a hard time seeing any path that leads to success.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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New job, new software, new problem?

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