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An anonymous reader writes: There have been past claims by Adobe and others that development on Linux is a jungle, particularly in regards to audio. However today, the author of the popular "The Sorry State of Sound in Linux" has posted a follow up showing Adobe's claims to be FUD, as well as being a good update on where OSS and ALSA are holding today, and why PulseAudio isn't a good idea.
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Answer to Adobe's Linux bash posted

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  • PulseAudio is a terrible idea. And I have been annoyed since Fedora integrated it.. it's a massive PITA to remove.

    I'm running a gorram PVR. Only install the minimum stuff I need, don't FORCE pulse on me.

  • This was a great read. Ubuntu should be focusing on implementing OSSv4 in the next Ubuntu, not dicking around with getting it to boot faster. What's the point of a fast boot speed if your shitty pulseaudio sound server is delaying your audio making skype and games impossible.

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