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Submission + - Archos 10 Ubuntu: an unrestricted 500GB netbook (archosfans.com) 2

Charbax writes: "For only $25 more than the suggested retail price of the Windows XP version of the Archos 10 netbook, Archos has just released the Archos 10 Ubuntu edition with 500GB hard drive instead of 160GB and 2GB RAM instread of 1GB and a 6-cell battery. The feature restrictions that Microsoft are enforcing on netbooks for the licencing of Windows XP are hereby being avoided by Archos by shipping the netbook with Ubuntu 9.04 pre-installed. Archos can thus provide more than 3x more storage and 2x more RAM memory for only about $25 extra on the MSRP. For now, this Archos 10 Ubuntu edition netbook is only released in France, but if there is enough demand, Archos should quickly proceed to make it available worldwide. Archos also recently released the Archos 10S netbook design (with Magnesium casing is only 22mm thick and weighs just 1kg), which may be a more perfect design for an unrestricted 500GB Ubuntu netbook. So let's all Linux fans demand that Archos make it available worldwide immediately and at a good price!"
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Archos 10 Ubuntu: an unrestricted 500GB netbook

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  • by stripping out buggy insecure software (windows) you can afford to double the ram and triple the HD space? For nearly the same cost? And your not paying MS tax? Hmm... I'll take 10.
  • I know this is slightly redundant, but why on earth would *anyone* choose the M$ version!? After all, "the only difference between a mac & a pc are the price" (if the M$ ads are to be believed), so if the same holds true to Ubuntu, who in their right mind would get the Windows edition? Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a diehard Linux user (half of my computers have one distro or another -- the other half run Windows), but from Microsoft's own mouth, I should buy the Linux machine. Sorry Microsoft, but

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