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Submission + - SPAM: $50M in hand, Feds want cutting edge data center

coondoggie writes: "Alarmed by the amount of electricity data centers across the country are swallowing up, the government is offering up millions in research and development money to radically advance the energy efficiency of servers and telecommunications systems. The electricity consumed in data centers and telecom systems is already three percent of the US and growing rapidly. In the face of growing global energy demand, uncertain energy supplies, the government is looking to spend $50 million (in $10 million contract slices) to develop new technologies to dramatically improve energy efficiency in information, communications technology. The emphasis is on new technologies that can be commercialized within the next three to five years, and to demonstrate through field testing highly energy efficient, emerging technologies that are ready for or are in the initial stage of commercial introduction, the government stated in a Funding Opportunity Announcement this week. [spam URL stripped]"
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$50M in hand, Feds want cutting edge data center

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