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Submission + - Microsoft and EU Have IE Antitrust Solutions (

99BottlesOfBeerInMyF writes: Arstechnica reports that the European Commission is distributing a questionnaire to PC makers asking about a potential remedy for the Internet Explorer situation. Their remedy seems to favor requiring Microsoft to include alternative browsers with Windows. It asks specifically about how many and which browsers should be pre-installed with Windows. It also goes on to ask several questions about whether PC makers are being pressured by Microsoft on the IE antitrust issue.

At the same time Cnet reports that Microsoft has informed PC makers (via a memo) that they will not be shipping IE 8 included in Windows 7 within the EU for OEM versions. PC makers will need to add IE to computers they ship, if they so desire. This differs from a similar remedy the EU enforced with regard to Windows media player in that Microsoft will not be offering any version including IE to OEMs within the EU.

It seems from the difference here that Microsoft is attempting to cut their losses within the EU and voluntarily commit to measures to limit the market damage of bundling IE, in the hopes that the EU's stricter measures will then be abandoned. In this way Microsoft can continue with business as usual outside of the EU and with regard to Win XP and Vista and count on IE's large market share in the rest of the world to persuade PC Makers to include it within the EU as well. Obviously this is less of a threat than an EU remedy that forces the inclusion of alternative browsers within the EU, giving Web developers there the option of targeting something other than IE. One thing is certainly clear, the EU commission and Microsoft have differing plans that have not been reconciled.

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Microsoft and EU Have IE Antitrust Solutions

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