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Submission + - Looking for home LDAP + mail server advice

cyclomedia writes: "I've got a new laptop and so have the old one spare, which combined with a pair of new hard drives (main + backup) means I finally have the hardware I need to run a home server with a nice low power, heat and noise footprint. I'd like it to run LDAP so I can centralise user accounts and Fetchmail tied into an IMAP + webmail server so our email is centralised too (IMAP when home, webmail when out). The OSs on my LAN include Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, XBMC, Win XP, Win 2000 and Windows Mobile and I would love them to all work with the LDAP. I've done minimal research and am thinking OpenSUSE running OpenLDAP and Open Xchange — though I have no clue about each OS's compatibility with the former and would prefere something lightweight like Bongo for the latter (but it's far from stable). Before I end up installing a massive enterprise solution for a 4 person LAN I'd like to ask slashdotters to share their experience and advice on this sort of set up. So, slashdotters, could you share any experiences or advice you have on this sort of set up?"
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Looking for home LDAP + mail server advice

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