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Submission + - SPAM: Loo usage logged, analysed and reported

Sven Hendriks writes: "[spam URL stripped] — The Loo Log

This project is about logging and analysing the loo usage in the house I live in.

Living in a house and sharing a bathroom with several housemates can lead to several problems. Say you sit in the kitchen and feel the urge to go to the bathroom, walk the stairs up to the second floor just to find out that the bathroom is occupied. So the first idea was to install a light in every room that lights up whenver the bathroom is occupied and thus saving a potential useless walk to the loo. Shortly after that the idea was born not only to show when the bathroom is occupied but to somehow log that information together with a timestamp to get even more information.

The logging part: A switch attached to the door lock mechanism of the bathroom door is connected to a microcontroller. This is also connected to a DCF77 radio clock module and a USB Storage. Whenever the status of the door lock changes, this is logged together with a timestamp in a file on the USB storage.

The analysing and reporting part: The log files are periodically transfered to a web application server that stores the logs in a database. In a second step this data is aggregated and analysed. The outcome is fed into Flash charts you can see at the website mentioned above."

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Loo usage logged, analysed and reported

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