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The Courts

Submission + - Open Letter to Tucows on Trademark Infringement ( 3 writes: "For the past few months, I've been engaged in a back-and-forth debate with the general manager of Tucows, Inc's domain portfolio over trademark infringement issues under the principle of confusingly similar use of a trademarked term (a domain) in trade. Relating to issues discussed in a recent Ask Slashdot story on buying a domain from a cybersquatter, I thought the community might find this story interesting. I've attempting to pursue a reasonable means of compromise, which appears to have failed. I'm interested in hearing the community's thoughts on the specifics of this matter."
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Open Letter to Tucows on Trademark Infringement

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    Created On:23-Nov-2007 20:44:28 UTC

    Domain name: CLASSHELPER.COM
    Record created on 09-Jun-2004.

    • The original holder let it expire, at which point it was "acquired" by Tucows as part of their domain portfolio. Its present use in a commercial context is the source of the infringement.
      • Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade, you know better than to build a brand under a name for which you have not acquired control of the com, net and org domains. You screwed up and Tucows has taken advantage of your mistake.

        If I was in your shoes, given the short duration of your registration and the continuous national and international use of the other one (as evidenced by its continuous registration), I'd pay my idiot tax and buy the domain from them.

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