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Submission + - WineHQ voting system hardly used, why? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I was browsing the Wine appdb tonight and noticed the top 25 link in their side bar. I thought to myself after clicking it and reading through the list, why doesn't anyone use the voting feature on the site? Is it because people that use Wine have a gimme gimme attitude or a wam bam thank you ma'am mentality? The reason I bring this up is because if the numbers are shown in the voting system it would be a great place for software companies to look and see what kind of software is doing well in Wine and has a user base on Linux already, which might spark some interest in porting their current applications to Linux. Look at #11. Photoshop CS3 (10.0), I know a lot of people in the Linux community have expressed interest in having Photoshop as a native application on Linux and yet there are only 104 people that have voted for it. I think WineHQ should work to integrate the application voting system to be a major part of wine. For instance, WineHQ could have a very large vote button on each applications page that would draw attention to the voting system. They could have an integrated vote system in the actual Wine interface that asks when you start Wine for the first time if you would like to participate in anonymous usage statistics that report what programs you run in Wine and asks you once per application on exit how well you rate its ability to run that program and if a program crashes send a bug report to wine. So what do you guys think about these ideas?
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WineHQ voting system hardly used, why?

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  • I think a lot of people are confused over whether they are meant to be voting for how good that app is, how good Wine's compatibility with that app is, or how much they want improvement in compatibility with that app.

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