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Submission + - What do you do when your admin is a monkey

Our IT department is run by brain damaged monkeys writes: "I have written a server that runs on Linux. This server is fairly simple in that it receives a connection and then forks to let the child process deal with the connection while the main process waits for more connections. I'm sure everyone who has done anything related to IT administration would have administered a server which does the same.

This morning I received an email from the administrator of the system stating "I recently setup some monitoring for the number of server processes on the servers. I noticed more than 1 (up to 3) server processes were on some of the servers, but only for a few seconds before disappearing. Are you able to see why this might be happening?"

Our company will soon be placing in the hands of this monkey the keys to a world wide distributed network of these servers plus hundreds of supporting servers and components.

How best do I voice my concerns to management? As a lowly programmer who has only had Linux experience since 1995 I hold no weight when it comes to decision on IT, whereas this monkey has managed to peel the free CD of Monkey IT monthly and install the latest free distro makes the decisions.

It is a scary world we live in."
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What do you do when your admin is a monkey

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