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jedibrand writes: The Economist has published a Leader this week on the perils of proprietary-based cloud-computing. Specifically, they warn of the impending threat to the open-source philosophy coming from a familiar source--proprietary lock-in. This time, however, the practice takes the form not so much of software and operating system maintenance and upgrades, but instead concerns data storage and management in the great (proprietary) cloud in the sky.
My question to you, my dear slashdotters, is whether these concerns are valid given not only the evermore dynamic nature of FOSS efforts but, specifically, those concerning cloud-computing solutions. I can think of a couple of examples myself such as Google's recent unveiling of the "Wave protocol," and Mozilla Lab's Weave. Of course, neither of these necessarily aim to offer full-fledged, productivity and collaboration suites, but certainly solid examples of the components that would make up such an offering are readily available in the FOSS world and, of course, space is ever cheaper, both physical and virtual--think remote backups, such as those offered by Amazon's S3 Service, among others. So, what say ye open-source proponents, should we fear the great cloud in the sky?
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Locked in with cloud computing

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  • The threat The Economist warns about is not to the open-source philosophy, but to "companies and consumers [that] could get locked into a cloud even more tightly than into a piece of software".


    "This sort of problem has spawned an open-data movement. In March a group of technology firms led by IBM published an âoeOpen Cloud Manifestoâ that has since received the support of more than 150 companies and organisations. It is only a beginning, but perhaps this time around the industry will not h

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