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The Military

Submission + - Pentagon Plans New Arm to Wage CyberWars 3

Hugh Pickens writes: "The NY Times reports that the Pentagon plans to create a new military command for cyberspace, administration officials say, stepping up preparations by the armed forces to conduct both offensive and defensive computer warfare. Obama is expected to sign a classified order in coming weeks that will create the military cybercommand, The decision to create a cybercommand is a major step beyond the actions taken by the Bush administration, which authorized several computer-based attacks but never resolved the question of how the government would prepare for a new era of warfare fought over digital networks. The main dispute has been over whether the Pentagon or the National Security Agency should take the lead in preparing for and fighting cyberbattles. Under one proposal still being debated, parts of the NSA would be integrated into the military command so they could operate jointly. Officials declined to describe potential offensive operations, but said they now viewed cyberspace as comparable to more traditional battlefields. "We are not comfortable discussing the question of offensive cyberoperations, but we consider cyberspace a war-fighting domain," said Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman. "We need to be able to operate within that domain just like on any battlefield, which includes protecting our freedom of movement and preserving our capability to perform in that environment.""
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Pentagon Plans New Arm to Wage CyberWars

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  • I see this as positive news: we can't afford to get hacked badly, and we can't afford to get hacked at all.

    Remember when people stole the designs for the new joint strike fighter? Yeah, there goes our aerial superiority, which has historically been one of the strongest factors in any (WW2 and on) war we've waged.

    Consider all the government secrets that have been stolen (and undoubtedly covered up as well.) There's always more to the iceberg.

    We don't have to wage cyberwar on others, but we definitely have

  • If this comes to reality then it will be the worst mistake the US did since Iraq.

    Crime is not a field military shall mess around. The bearing of arms puts a soldier at the very edge of crime. But, while excesses (and crude crimes) happen, the fact that it is the judicial system that controls these matters, we have a filter between the use of extreme measures by military means and crime. Now put the military dealing with crime and not only the filter dilutes completely but also crime may go rapant and uncon

  • It doesn't make much sense, if they start DoSing China, China will just unhook from their pipes. "We need to be able to operate within that domain just like on any battlefield" Yea, and their IP addresses will be on the peerguardian blacklists before they even get to make the first strike, if they start IP spoofing, they will suddenly discover that nobody wants to connect to their network anymore. They may have lots of fiber, but if they abuse it they will have no more internet connections.
    I can only see

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