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Submission + - Pace Shoots for Streisand on Disassembly Info (

SkiifGeek writes: "The owner of the Reverse Engineering Mac OS X site has been served DMCA action and forced to take down a series of posts that were investigating initial steps to reverse engineer / disassemble Interlok protected OS X applications.

Despite only a very limited amount of data being publicly available, fG! complied and removed the posts, citing "One thing is certain, you can't acomplish security by obscurity ! You can't simply stop knowledge because these days information flows at a bigger rate than ever. Disclosure is the only way to improve products!".

Even though the information is too specialised and focused in attention to have been widely reproduced, it was still online long enough for at least Google to cache the complete list of now-suppressed data and for a number of individuals to privately replicate the data. fG! follows up with the following caution for those trying to reproduce the cached but missing entries "About Pace? I'm in contact with their lawyer and I have been asked to remove all information about this. If you have mirrored the three Pace posts and code (I?m pretty sure I'm not the only one who mirrors important info right away) please do not make it publicly available. Pace will wave you with DMCA and it's not worth the trouble. Keep it for yourself, please".

Despite the other information available online for people looking to reverse engineer Pace Interlok products, it looks like a Streisand effect could be developing."

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Pace Shoots for Streisand on Disassembly Info

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