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Submission + - Intel Delays Tukwila (Itanium)...Again

BBCWatcher writes: Intel is putting on the bravest possible face as the company announces yet another delay shipping Tukwila, the long promised next iteration of Itanium. Tukwila-rebooted — improved (promise!) over the Tukwila that never shipped — will not ship until 2010, even as Intel's own Nehalem EX CPUs likely beat Tukwila to market. The delays hurt HP, the sole remaining major Itanium OEM, the most. IBM and Oracle/Sun will benefit the most. Analysts continued to savage Itanium. A sample: "That's not to say that those shops which are using the Itanium aren't in their right mind. Heck, that'd be like saying that people still using IBM's OS/2 weren't in their right mind, or people still running CP/M on Apricots. No, they're all in their right minds — they're just living in a parallel universe where these products somehow still matter."
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Intel Delays Tukwila (Itanium)...Again

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