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Submission + - Italian firm: Microsoft Out. RedHat and IBM In. (ostatic.com)

ruphus13 writes: In what is being hailed as a good win for Open Source and IBM, Gruppo Amadori has begun to phase its 6,000 employees off Microsoft products and on to Red Hat and IBM's Lotus Symphony. From the article, "Italian food company Gruppo Amadori [is] rolling out Red Hat Enterprise Linux with desktops running IBM software, much of which is free, and some of which has open source roots. About 1,000 of the company's 6,000 employees use computers and will move to Red Hat's platform and IBM Lotus Symphony--a free software suite with long-standing open source roots, although it's not developed as open source any longer. The company will also switch from Microsoft Exchange to an IBM Lotus Notes and Domino environment hosted on Red Hat Enterprise Linux."
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Italian firm: Microsoft Out. RedHat and IBM In.

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