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Chaos Communication Camp 1999 33

Dirk Wendt writes "the chaos computer club is organizing a three-day hacking open air event for nerds, hackers and phreaks from all over the world. this thing is pretty much in the tradition of HEU and HIP, if you remember those. the camp will take place from august 6th to august 8th, 1999. on a field near berlin, germany. we will provide the infrastructure for a complete and satisfying hacking experience: electricity and ethernet for every tent and on-site facilities for eating and drinking. there will be tents to discuss and hack and a lake along the field invites you to relax. there will be a true high-speed connection to the internet for the whole campnet network. you can bring your computer equipment to the camp site and hook it up to the campnet network and the internet. this is going to be fun! " For more information, check out the camp site.
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Chaos Communication Camp 1999

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    There's a buffer overflow exploit in all versions of tentd up to 1.2.18
  • by Anonymous Coward
    We get villified every year. Lots of people like to make outrageous statements to the press, just to see what actually gets printed without being verified. Its called Press Hacking.

    But that doesn't stop us, it just encourages us.

    Here's hoping this year brings tons of press to the event :-) After the hijacked spy satellite and the melissa virus, we'll have to get very creative to top those stories. Get your thinking caps on.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Tents, Rain, Electrical Equipment

    Anyone who has ever camped before in the rain is well aware of this. Tents only keep out about 80% of the rain. The rest is enough to make everone's lives miserable. Add to this enough electricity to power a small town, and you have the makings of a shockingly good time.

    I'd like to go though!
  • I was at the HIP and found it to be a great time. I didn't followed many of the speakings and workshops, but met friendly people and had many fun. So i will not miss the CCC camp, and you shouldn't miss it too, if at all possible. And whats about the weather (risk of rain): Its true, the weather can be a problem in our nice germany :-), but heh, its august, and we will all hope, that it will be hot (maybe not as hot as at hip :-)) and not rainy. bring a plastic bag for your computer, and all will be ok. germany has very high standard electricity rules and normally all is properly earthed, so the risk of a electric shock will be very little to my assumption even when it rains. And i hope it will not rain.
  • there will be tents to discuss and hack and a lake along the field invites you to relax.

    I'm sorry, but how does one hack a tent?

    (Sorry, I had to do that.)

  • Excuse my ignorance, but what's GenCon?
  • by Juliet ( 3536 )
    HIP is unbelieveable I hear.. I unfortunatly didnt go 2 years ago.. I was at Beyond Hope in nyc instead.. but my friends who went had a great time... here is my chance to go to europe..

  • You got to use a knife, it's a handy little
    weapon when you want to take a life.

    "just hack'n slash!"

    (I had to do that too)
  • August 6-8? That's Gen Con weekend.
  • Not to post a pointless comment, but:


    How is a poor student like me supposed to get that kind of dough?
  • by Luquid ( 16517 )
    I can't imagine anything cooler than being outside on a sunny day, setting up a linux server for a big nasty dedicated pipe while sipping lemon-aid :)

    This sounds like such amazing time. I hope the speakers are good :)
  • Word on the street is that unless Andon gets their shit together they are DONE.

    Back when they were independant, they ran some great cons. Problem is, they just weren't ready to grow as fast as WOTC need them to.

    They were just a small company, run by a tight group of friends. I don't think any of them knew how much work it would be once they became successful. When success did find them, they just weren't ready for the amount of organization they needed.

    When GenCon98 rolled around the combination of poor organization and a new (poorly designed) convention center combined to form a gigantic mass of suckitude.

    The failure of GenCon98 really broke their backs. From what I hear, they havn't been the same since, and it has shown in the cons they have run.
  • Doesn't this sound like just the kind of thing that will be villified by the media?
  • Thats GEN (Geneva) CON (Convention). It is the annual conference where world governments and humanitarian organizations discuss and ammend the Geneva Convention accords. The accords deal with international law and "honorable" conduct during times of war.

    GenCon is usually held in Bern, so sneaking out for a day to attend a hack-fest wouldn't be completely out of the question (but would probably be in poor taste).
  • ... Anyone got any ideas of the price of a return ticket from the UK so I could join in the fun?

    (I am on a tight budget :))
  • Don't think they'll fold, but I heard WOTC were going to get bought out maybe, I wouldn't believe it myself, tho if they did someone would have some nice toys from the boys at tsr too :)
  • Another event in Germany this summer is
    the Linuxbierwanderung. It's now under new
    management, and they're threatening to charge
    $750 for going, supposedly to provide, inter
    alia, Linux instructors. Does this sound like
    a rip off to anyone else?

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