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Stupid Comments about Y2k 60

@cam.org">Martin Miller sent us a link to Duh-2000 which tracks stupid quotes about Y2k. It's barely '99 and I'm already sick of Y2k crap. Is this hype or are we really gonna get nuked next year? Consultants are making out ok at least.
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Stupid Comments about Y2k

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  • by davie ( 191 )

    By itself, Y2K would only create some really big problems in a few places--hopefully most of them in federal agencies (I would be more than happy to do without federal "help" for a year or two) and a few widespread annoyances.

    The worst aspect of it all is the way governments are lying about the success of their remediation efforts, forcing themselves into a PR battle that's going to result in widespread panic, runs on the banks and groceries. The EEC members have wasted all their time and money dicking around with the Euro conversion--there will be BIG trouble in Europe and Japan.

  • by drwiii ( 434 )
    I wonder if the new "designed-for-Internet" Pentium III [cnnfn.com] will be y2k compliant?
  • by gavinhall ( 33 )
    Posted by Mephie:

    I'm gonna stock up on MRE's, guns, vodka and crack. I'll be just fine if the economy fails. And if it doesnt, party's at my place.
  • Posted by VIiMprovedlon.crosswin:

    umm... did you noice that this is under the joke section? why dont you get thicker glasses or somthing? People that run linux can joke around somtimes to you know?

    LIz-arD (VIiMproved)

    "Trust No One"
  • Has it ever occurred to you that government morons with unlimited tax money are the cause of most "serious and very real" problems?

    In the case of Y2K, for example, businesses -- small and large, US and overseas -- will muddle through all right with (my fearless prediction) for the most part only minor annoyances to their customers.

    But if the government comes in with everybody-has-to-do-it-this-way regulations, red tape, and the National Guard, we're in for some real hassles.

    I was one of Connie Morella's constituents for nearly a decade. Yep, she's a moron, all right, but that's not the relevant consideration. The more dangerous morons are the bureaucrats that our congresscritters will depend on to "implement" whatever vague recommendations the elected morons come up with.


  • "It's one minute after midnight on Dec, 1, 1999. With 31 days left until the new century kicks in and the second 1,000 years in recorded history begins, Americans are wary enough to take few dollars out of their bank accounts, just in case."

    (Quoted on The Billings Gazette Y2K: Truth or SCARE The sky may not fall, but Y2K is one big thunderhead January 10, 1999. )

    Geeze, this kind of brainless drivel from the Amrican press makes it an embarrassment to be an American! I mean, let's all ignore that fact the western recorded history is over 2,00 years old, and that Jewish history goes even further back than that, who but a total idiot could forget that the Chinese have over 4,000 years of recorded history.

    Of course this twit can't seem to undrstand that the mellennium does not end until 31 DEC 2000, nor 31 DEC 1999.

  • If you like radio commedy, or commedy records, then the latest Firesign Theatre album (er, CD); Give me Immortality or Give Me Death might be your cup of tea. The theme of this one is a radio station broadcast on Dec 31, 1999.

    Not only is it Y2K relavent, and their first album in years, it is also (IMHO) their best work since Don't Crush That Dwarf Hand Me The Plyers.

  • by PHroD ( 1018 )
    that Gore quote was just too good...its now my email footer :)
  • Some one should do a port
  • It'll be the panicky nature of society. There will either be a mass of bank withdrawals shortly before Y2K or one or two relatively minor Y2K-related problems will cause widespread panic.

    So long as the media is hyping the Y2K problem as the "end-of-the-world" bug, capable of detonating all nuclear arsenals of the world, capable of toppling buildings and governments, eliciting riots and mass hysteria, society as a whole will be very sensitive when the time comes.

    For a more comprehensive look at my thoughts regarding at least the financial side of things (which aren't the only sociological threats I can forsee for the arrival of next year), read about it [fastolfe.net].
  • If what Al Gore said is any indication, the US's computer systems will have a bigger problem than Y2K... But at least we'll have enough reasons to poke fun at our politicians, won't we? *ducks*
  • ... and I won't be near anything which could kill me due to a failing computer (inside a plane, near a nuclear power plant, you get the idea). Nor will I do something which will risk my life due to the unavailability of computers which happen to run 30 year old software written in COBOL, read: have enough cash and food for a month or so.

    It won't be the end of the world, but it could become a little unpleasant. Like a power outage, or a long public transportation strike are unpleasant.
  • Uhmm...

    Research is not just, "Reading what other people think." The only thing you can glean from other people's web sites is-- what they think.

    Name one system that has been proven to crash catastrophically because of Y2K. So far, all the sytems that have shown Y2k effects have been fixed in a matter of days. (For instance, credit cards with the ending digits '00' couldn't be used until the problem was fixed. That took less than a week to fix.)

    So actually, all the evidence points to a slightly troublesome transition into the next millenium. (No, I don't consider 2001 to be the start of the third millenium-- since our dating system is arbitrary, our lables can be arbitrary, also. But, you can bet I'm gonna party extra-hard for *both* new years.)

    The only real question is: how much will the psychological impact of Y2k have society? That is, will there be bank runs, rioting, mass-suicides? Will the stock market survive our millenialism?

    The computer problem is not that big a deal. And all real "research" indicates as much.
  • Easier? No.

    Better for everyone involved? Yes.
  • Here is something I was wondering about Y2K.

    There seems to be the implication that having the wrong date will make the computer stop working. In most cases won't the computer just keep working, but just think it is Jan 1, 1900. Well, there might be somethign stranger if it can't roll 99 over to 00. It might become a0, or maybe just stay 99, or whatever the programme happened to do at the time.

    The point I am making is that there seems to be the concept that everything will just stop working, which seems unlikely. It is more likely that things will work wrong, which in some cases might be equivalent to not working, but in a lot of cases probably isn't even close. Any ideas?

  • Actually air traffic control systems at various locations including NY have reported problems. Some timetables put the fixes after 2000.

    My favorite was the prize. Maybe self heating meals will make them think twice.

    "May you live in interesting times"
    A chinese curse
  • "How could this be a problem in a country where we have Intel and Microsoft?" (attrib. Al Gore)

    Jamie McCarthy

  • Ye All,

    You guys have to remember that there
    is a massive supply chain that makes
    up the things that you use everyday.

    I am a Y2K Coordinator at a Blood
    Products manufacturer in Victoria,
    Australia. Already in the office
    systems, responsible for QA we found
    issues that needed to be resolved, we
    can thankfully say now that systems
    appear to be functioning correctly
    over the dateline, but nothing is
    certain until it all click over for

    Companies should not only be
    investing in IT personnell to fix
    the problem, but also be developing
    contingency plans for the "what if"
    scenerio. What if your supply chain
    is broken, what if your computer
    systems do not function at all.

    These things are real guys, don't
    play them down, but don't be media
    like and blow them out of proportion.

    If you think your systems are fine, do
    another check. I personally am not
    going to do any more Y2K after my
    current contract. Companies that
    exhibit some of your relaxed tendancies
    could come crashing down.

    Please note that this message
    is not in response the previous
    authors message. Just some of
    the silly comments being posted up
    here that play down the issue.


    Mitch Denny


    Mitch Denny
  • LOL... The prize looks like a ration for the marines... What a motivation... :P
  • Well, you posted [slashdot.org] this already, but it's still funny!
  • Or better yet: How many non-computer savy people a week ask you, "So what do you think about this 'Y2K' thing?"
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Five
    4. Ten
    5. More than ten...

  • The Millennium Contagion [mcs.net]
    A must read for everyone who is panicking about this Y2K stuff. Very good article. Much fun about "TEOTWAWKI".

    Year 2000 Challenge - Automobile Embedded Systems [ooi.com]
    This guy will give money to anyone who can prove that their car won't start on Jan 1, 2000 due to the Y2K bug

    Did anyone read the HotWired article about Gary North's ulterior motives for hyping Y2K? Onward, Christian soldiers...

    L. Ron

  • Got a friend who suggested (seriously) back in the summer of 1998 that from now on, we should all buy 4 times as much food when we go shopping.

    Let's see, that comes out to a 6 year stockpile. Have to be all canned or dehydrated of course. Even then, not sure I'd trust that shelf lifetime. And if things get so bad that you really need 5 years food supply, you'd better have a hell of a lot of ammo to keep the hungry hordes away.

    Cor blimey there's a lot of fools out there.

  • There is nothing worse than someone who instead of replying to the comment says: check you spelling. This is not a god dam spelling bee. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Get a life KID
  • that you can temporarily bypass any Y2K problem
    by setting the clock BACK temporarily til you can
    fix it for real.
  • but will it be Open Source??
  • At a city council meeting one of our counselwomen, god only knows how she got elected, interogated the head of our y2k 'taskforce' making sure that the stoplights were going to be y2k compliant, because "they have computer chips in them, right?".

    She's one of those people who's gonna be running around at Sears on December 31, 1999 trying to find a y2k compliant refridgerator.


    ps. Later on in that meeting she suggested we tax sales on the internet.
  • Oh, you'll have y2k it soon. Don't worry.
  • That poll should allow write-ins a-la-Segfault! Imagine all the great immature responses we could get from that!
  • That's pretty incredible. Those were quite possibly some of the stupidest things I have ever heard in relation to Y2K, wow.
  • With your luck the computer automated O2 tank will
    be running NT4 without service packs! and you will
    be stuck in the air until 1901 ! :-)
  • Welcome to Year 2000 pre-release 1.

    Gotta love beta software.
  • by MickT ( 14176 )
    Y2k will be a real problem, but the severity will vary with location. A recent Y2k seminar stated that the problem will be largely managed in North America and Europe. Asia, Africa and South America will have >serious problems.

    I know that the banking industry in the US will not have problems. I work for a bank, and the Feds will not allow us to be non-compliant. Non-compliant banks will be forced to sell to compliant intitutions. Expect to see about 5% of US banks to change hands in the next 6 months.
  • Hey, has anyone thought of the poor bastards who have birthdays ont he 31st of December, 1999?

    IMHONYEY2K is going to be a shit time for a birthday!


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