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Russian Space Shuttle For Sale

Josh Baugher writes "Got this from Jon Callas's "The Eristocracy" mailing list.... Russian Boran Orbital Space Shuttle, 1/4 size of US Shuttles! One of two of five remaining. Has space for One-man seat. Three have been scraped. One other is in Moscow Aviation collection, the other Is at Edwards Air Force Base Warehouse. Only Boran-5 and the other in Moscow made successful Orbital flights. There are only TWO LEFT in existence! This one is complete and has NOT been gutted or parted out. Boran-5 must find a Home. Please find him a big front yard. Great for display in front of Airports, Observatories, Planetariums, and Colleges! Phone questions: 818-766-6858(ROSS) " Ok I laughed.
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Russian Space Shuttle For Sale

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