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how did all that crap get in there?

There comes a time in the life cycle of every home that you have simply no option but to clean your refrigerator. That time was today. I found buried deep within the bowels of the beast no less then 3 half full bottles of spagetti sauce, 3 half full bottles of alfredo sauce and 4 half full containers of apple sauce. Several strange and unfamiliar beers, and at least 6 containers containing leftovers of meals that have since deteriorated into moldy masses of stuff that lookes like it was stolen from the set of a low budget horror film. Most of these containers were simply thrown away- I didn't dare clean them. Also found a sizable number of partially full containers of fluids designed to be mixed with various hard liqours, a few bottles of tonic water, and the base elements of tacos. God I'm glad I only need to crawl around back there every 6 months or so. Ick.
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how did all that crap get in there?

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