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Microsoft Marries IE 5.0 and Office 2000

Microsoft is integrating IE with Office. Slashdot reader Steve writes "Now, with IE being integrated with the Windows OS, and IE being integrated with Office, can the integration of the OS/IE/Office all into one be far behind? Note this paragraph from the story: '"IE 5.0 will look the same as Word, and you can edit Word docs in IE 5.0," said a source familiar with the company's plans. "When you look at it, its integration with Office is incredible."' I just thought this was rather interesting from the "integration" and "bundling" issue standpoint. Plus, it's pretty big news if they actually ever do integrate them all together. Just think, NT Server complete with Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Web Browser/etc. Just what every company needs on their enterprise class server! "
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Microsoft Marries IE 5.0 and Office 2000

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