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Political Misuse of Web

Kelly Eberhard writes "It is apparent to me that either politicians are very new and the internet game or that they really are a slimy as the sterotype portrays them. This isn't just limited to the Democrats in California (as described in another line of discussion on slashdot). The Republican primary race in Nebraska has a candidate B. Kruiper who is listing his competitors names on major search services and linking them to his own web site. The candidate, Brad Kuiper, whose policies I question is the pages he has registered on the internet are for Lee Terry , Pat Jones , and Steve Kupka Now I do beleive that it isn't illegal to register web pages that you make on the web, I do believe this may fall under spam violation as it forces users to download information that they weren't seeking and they have to pay for online time while the page downloads." Fraudulent Search Engine Entries aren't new, but it sure is annoying.
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Political Misuse of Web

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