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Pokey.org Attacked by Prema

Several people wrote in about this, so I'm going to say a few words. Pokey.org was given to a 12 year old kid as a birthday present from his father 6 mos ago. Now Prema, owners of Gumby and Pokey are trying to shut it down. I'm kinda undecided on this- can a company trademark a word, and then be entitled to it in .org as well as .com form? The site has nothing to do with Gumby, it's just a kids web page. Opinions? I'd like to help this kid somehow, anyone have an idea how? Perhaps we can find an email address so we can contact Prema and tell them that they are acting like mean jerks and not like a company that owns something like Gumby should? Maybe I'm blowing this out of proportions...
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Pokey.org Attacked by Prema

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