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Estonian President Expresses Desire For More Digitally-Integrated Europe ( 64

In a wide-ranging interview with Ars Technica, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik talked about European Digital Single Market (DSM), an ambitious goal that seeks to make commerce flow as smoothly across the 28-member block as it does in the United States. He cites the example of iTunes. From the report: What Estonia and Finland are doing is a step towards the DSM -- but there remain all kinds of national-level laws that stop Europe from being truly unified. "Take iTunes," President Ilves continued. "iTunes are based on credit cards. Credit cards are national. I cannot buy an iTunes record for my wife who has a Latvian credit card. I cannot buy her an iTunes record because I have an Estonian iTunes. This is true of virtually everything that is connected to digital services. And certainly this is why Estonia is at the forefront of the European Digital Single Market. As I like to say, it's easier to ship a bottle of Portuguese wine from southern Portugal in the Algarve and sell it in northern Lapland, than it is for me to buy an iTunes record across the Estonian-Latvian border."The report is worth a read in its entirety.
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Estonian President Expresses Desire For More Digitally-Integrated Europe

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  • The huge move from analog to digital for media should have made it easier to cross national boundaries. Instead, the media companies have chosen intentionally to make it more difficult, slicing and dicing territories to optimize profit regardless of the effects upon ease of use.
  • At least if we are talking Swedish Lapland, customs will intercept the shipment of wine, an hold it for weeks, and tax it so it is more expensive than locally bought (very expensive) wine, and also force you to pay for the joy of being taxed, a taxation fee of around €13 last time I got taxed.

    • The choice of Algarve for portuguese wine isn't terribly inspired either. I didn't even know we made wine down there.

  • The biggest surprise from this story is that it turns out Estonia is a real place. Who knew?

    • The biggest surprise from this story is that it turns out Estonia is a real place. Who knew?

      Educated people? Or were you thinking of Elbonia []?

      • Maybe I'm thinking of Freedonia. []

      • I'm an Elbonian^W Estonian and I find this offensive. Actually, no, I really don't care. I like both Elbonia and Estonia.

  • Estonian President Toomas Hendrik talked

    In other news, Barack Hussein is the way Slashdot editors refer to their president.

  • a lot of their problems stem from protectionism of national economies and cultures. the protectionist rules in place are actually partitioning each country from one another which makes it impossible to have unified anything. to have a unified marketplace, you need a unified government.

  • ... and I would really like to buy them extended iCloud storage. Well, tough luck there. Even if I had a local credit card, their particular country does not even have iCloud. I ended up switching my mother to US iTunes Store and re-downloading all the apps that are in both stores and telling her she might never be able to update those that are in the EU store only. Why is this even a problem? WTF?

    Not even mentioning the fact, as written in the article, that if my parents tell me about a new record by a loc

  • by ctrl-alt-canc ( 977108 ) on Tuesday May 31, 2016 @03:06AM (#52215231)
    Given the coming Brexit referendum, and other nationalistic movements on the rise, what we will get is a more dis-integrated Europe...
    • by AmiMoJo ( 196126 )

      No matter what happens in the UK, it won't fragment the EU any further. There are two possible outcomes to the vote:

      Remain: Other countries see the lack of popular will to leave, and how the campaign has ripped the ruling party apart. Any thoughts of leaving themselves are abandoned.

      Leave: The UK gets a terrible trade deal from the EU, which is more interested in discouraging others from wanting to leave than in preserving it's 8% trade with that country. Deals with the rest of the world turn out to suck to

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