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Prominent GitHub Engineer Julie Ann Horvath Quits Citing Harrassment 710

First time accepted submitter PvtVoid writes in with the story of Julie Ann Horvath alleging a culture of sexism at GitHub. "The exit of engineer Julie Ann Horvath from programming network GitHub has sparked yet another conversation concerning women in technology and startups. Her claims that she faced a sexist internal culture at GitHub came as a surprise to some, given her former defense of the startup and her internal work at the company to promote women in technology."
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Prominent GitHub Engineer Julie Ann Horvath Quits Citing Harrassment

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  • by jones_supa ( 887896 ) on Monday March 17, 2014 @05:30AM (#46503785)
    Aaaand the Millennium Technology Prize goes to Anonymous Coward.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 17, 2014 @07:27AM (#46504271)

    This is a worldwide social problem.
    Taking a PRACTICAL view of it, one can see it could be eliminated if; we went back to older standards where men worked and women stayed home to nurture family.
    The equality in the workplace concept will never work. People THINK about sex every few seconds as it is. I have women in the workplace, they can fill most of the less physical positions, they work and have few complaints and I have none to speak of. Everyone behaves themselves. ( Of course there is whispered sex talk like, Lookit that! Id ride her bumper..etc. and of course there is some flirtiness on the womens part, even married.) There is still the underlying problem that mating thinking CAN cause problems. Affairs happen, Ive worked more than one place where people screwed at the workplace. For some, the urge to attempt mating is periodically overwhelming and unwelcome sex talk happens. To put the men back to work and the women back in the kitchen straightens out more than one social ill.
    It gives everyone a definable life that can be planned, it solves economics problems, jobs availability, puts an emphasis back on marriage and nurture of family and puts the family unit back in a position to thrive instead of getting more and more disfunctional. You may think that cutting a family back to one income wouldnt be helpful, but, you must also consider that we live far above our means as it is and getting back to some basics would be mentally helpful and free up enough stress to be beneficial from individual to national levels.
    I find women capable enough individually to work as is, I find women incapable as a group to benefit the world by working alongside men. Its implications have so far caused nothing but trouble for ALL. We have done better in the past.

  • by ThePhilips ( 752041 ) on Monday March 17, 2014 @11:55AM (#46506591) Homepage Journal

    What you describe (exaggerating a lot though) sound very much like the "drama queen" archetype.

    Ironically, in workplace, all the drama queens I have met were male.

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