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Reports Say Satya Nadella Is Microsoft's Next CEO 177

Nerval's Lobster writes "Microsoft's next CEO will be Satya Nadella, if current reports prove accurate. According to Re/code, which drew its information from "numerous sources close to Microsoft," Nadella could officially assume the role in early February. Meanwhile, anonymous sources speaking to Bloomberg suggested that co-founder Bill Gates could be forced to give up his longtime chairman role. Nadella (again, if confirmed) seems a logical choice for Microsoft. He's been with the company for more than twenty years, eventually becoming executive vice president of its Cloud and Enterprise division. The enterprise remains a key—perhaps the key — customer segment for Microsoft, especially as its mobile and consumer efforts (excluding the Xbox) have floundered in recent years; in order to retain those business clients, Nadella and his team embarked on the creation of 'Cloud OS,' the platform that powers Microsoft's large-scale cloud services such as SkyDrive, Azure, and Office 365. Under his guidance, Microsoft's revenue from cloud services has grown by several billion over the past few years, so he's shown that he can expand a business. In addition, his technical background could afford him a measure of respect from Microsoft's legions of engineers and developers. But if he's ultimately tapped for the CEO seat, Nadella faces one of the toughest jobs in the technology industry: not only does he need to craft a plan that will allow Microsoft to grow and prosper in an integrated, holistic manner—he'll need to do it while guiding the company through the massive internal reorganization initiated by his predecessor, Steve Ballmer."
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Reports Say Satya Nadella Is Microsoft's Next CEO

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  • by zifferent ( 656342 ) on Friday January 31, 2014 @09:17PM (#46125333)
    Seriously, if you think MySQL is anywhere near as scalable as MS SQL, you are delusional. I've used all of the database softwares out there and only MS SQL is standard, scalable and fast, Oracle is scalable and fast but not standard by a long shot, killing productivity. MySQL is neither fast, scalable nor standard. I really don't understand what anyone sees in that piece of shit when at the very least they can have PostgreSQL which excels on all accounts and is open sourced. I blame popularity contests.
  • by mcswell ( 1102107 ) on Friday January 31, 2014 @11:41PM (#46126027)
    I don't know anything about that church, but I know our church (in Maryland) does exactly that during the winter, along with a number of other churches in the area--each church takes a week. They drive the homeless to and from where ever they are during the day (some of the churches are out in the country), and provide breakfast.
  • by Nivag064 ( 904744 ) on Saturday February 01, 2014 @02:32AM (#46126665) Homepage

    Since 2004, I have done 4 extensive searches on the Internet to look for valid comparisons between MySQL & PostgreSQL.

    Each, and every time, PostgreSQL (http://www.postgresql.org) came out ahead, in all areas that concern me - such as:
    (1) Performance
    (2) Reliability
    (3) Scalability in terms of the database size
    (4) Ease of installation & configuration
    (5) Ease of developing SQL queries

    And of course, it runs well on Linux!

    I have a client that uses MySQL, and I did some DBA work & development on a major Java project that used MySQL.

    So I would recommend PostgreSQL as being suitable for many projects. However, you should always check what a particular project needs, rather than assume one particular DB is best for it!

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