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Businesses Moving From Amazon's Cloud To Build Their Own 121

itwbennett writes "There are rumblings around this week's OpenStack conference that companies are moving away from AWS, ready to ditch their training wheels and build their own private clouds. Inbound marketing services company HubSpot is the latest to announce that it's shifting workloads off AWS, citing problems with 'zombie servers,' unused servers that the company was paying for. Others that are leaving point to 'business issues,' like tightening the reins on developers who turned to the cloud without permission."
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Businesses Moving From Amazon's Cloud To Build Their Own

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  • Maybe not completely (Score:4, Informative)

    by Gripp ( 1969738 ) on Thursday April 18, 2013 @08:35AM (#43481407)
    I work at one such company. We recently setup openstack and plan to eventually use it for our production environment. But ec2 will still stay in the picture. Both for services were the end user needs more direct access to the machine and for failover purposes. I just don't know that openstack means the end of ec2.
  • by 7213 ( 122294 ) on Thursday April 18, 2013 @10:54AM (#43482721) Homepage

    Regarding Ford specifically.

    You'd be surprised at the scale of their IT organization (as someone who once worked in Ford's datacenter).

    They already have their own 'internal cloud' and have for some time (before 'cloud' was a 'thing'). The only thing different here is internal provisioning processes vs. Amazons credit card & go plan.

    The cost of Amazon doesn't make sense, when you already have a pair of tier 1 datacenters and an IT organization more then capable of maintaining it.

    Ford already HAS servers that won't be 'clouded' any time soon, so they have every bit as much justification to keep on doing things internally as Amazon would. And doing things for themselves gives them more control & likely better costs.

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