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Dell Signs Agreement To Cap Icahn's Share Ownership 70

itwbennett writes "As previously reported on Slashdot, activist investor Carl Icahn made a proposal to buy Dell for $15 per share. Now, as part of the review process of potential offers to take Dell private, the company's board of directors has approved an agreement with Icahn that would cap the amount of shares owned by the activist investor. Under the agreement, Icahn and affiliated entities 'have agreed not to make purchases that would cause them to own more than 10 percent of Dell's shares,' Dell said in a statement. Also as part of the agreement, Icahn has agreed not to enter into agreements with other shareholders to jointly own more than 15 percent of Dell's shares." From the press release: "The Special Committee believes that granting the limited waiver to Mr. Icahn while capping his share ownership will maximize the chances of eliciting a superior proposal from Mr. Icahn while at the same time protecting shareholders against potential accumulation of an unduly influential voting interest." Looks like Michael Dell has some serious competition for Dell.
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Dell Signs Agreement To Cap Icahn's Share Ownership

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  • Re:Qui Bono? (Score:5, Informative)

    by phantomfive ( 622387 ) on Tuesday April 16, 2013 @09:14PM (#43468369) Journal
    He doesn't think he can run the company better than Dell, exactly, except from the perspective of 'break it apart and sell off the pieces.' Remember Dell told Apple to "close the company and give the money back to the shareholders?" That's basically what Michael Dell trying to do, except he was trying to keep the biggest chunk for himself.

    Dell the company has something like $40 billion in assets, but the cost of buying all the stock (market cap) is $24billion. Dell planned on taking the company private and then disbursing a lot of that cash to himself and his friends.

    Carl Icahn saw that and said, "the share price you are offering is too cheap. I'm going to pay more than your $24billion offer and then keep the money for myself."

    Dell is trying to say, "calm down, let's find a point midway that makes us all happy before this bidding war gets out of control." Who knows if that will work, but the likely endgame in all scenarios is that Dell the company will be destroyed.

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