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Microsoft Azure Overtakes Amazon's Cloud In Performance Test 82

alphadogg writes "Microsoft Azure's cloud outperformed Amazon Web Services in a series of rigorous tests conducted by Nasuni, a storage vendor that annually benchmarks cloud service providers (CSPs). Nasuni uses public cloud resources in its enterprise storage offering, so each year the company conducts a series of rigorous tests on the top CSPs' clouds in an effort to see which companies offer the best performing, most reliable infrastructure. Last year, Amazon Web Services' cloud came out on top, but this year Microsoft Azure outperformed AWS in performance and reliability measures. AWS is still better at handling extra-large storage volumes, while Nasuni found that the two OpenStack powered clouds it tested — from HP and Rackspace — were lacking, particularly at larger scales."
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Microsoft Azure Overtakes Amazon's Cloud In Performance Test

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  • Re:Of course it is! (Score:2, Informative)

    by eWarz ( 610883 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @08:03PM (#42974119)
    You seem to be flaming this a lot. Let me clear the air for you. 1) 100 million ipad users is NOTHING. A large portion of both fortune 500 companies as well as non fortune 500 companies utilize Amazon Services in some form or fashion. We are talking far more than 100 million users here. 2) Apple utilizes BOTH Amazon AND Azure for the storage of files (and files only). 3) If you happen to work for microsoft (or own shares in microsoft), please note that Azure is strictly windows and strictly Microsoft. This website is more linux oriented, and a LARGE portion of servers out there are NOT Windows based (I don't have the exact numbers, but i dare say that Linux, BSD, etc have the dominant position in the market. That alone makes Microsoft the minority in cloud computing. So you can understand now why everyone says there is nothing running on it. We don't even run our (microsoft shop) on Azure, simply due to it's restrictive nature. We utilize the much more open EC2 platform.
  • Re:Of course it did (Score:5, Informative)

    by compupc1 ( 138208 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @10:02PM (#42975013)
    Actually Azure does support Linux servers (SUSE and Ubuntu). It is NOT strictly Windows and NOT strictly Microsoft. In addition to generic Linux servers, they support platform-as-a-service applications written in Java, PHP, Python, and Node.JS. In other words, not just .NET. They support not just SQL Server databases, but also MySQL and various embedded database and no-SQL options. I believe they are also working on supporting automated build/deployment from Git repositories in addition to TFS.

    I neither work for nor own shares of Microsoft. But I have used both Azure and Amazon services. You may or may not like Microsoft as a company (or even Azure as a platform), but you're simply spreading misinformation. Azure has come a LONG way in the past year or two, and in a good way that embraces both traditional Microsoft and open-source technologies. This choice is a VERY good thing.

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