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Chinese Firms Claims It Can Build World's Tallest Tower in 90 Days 389

An anonymous reader writes "Even since the current world's tallest builing — the Burj Khalifa in Dubai — was completed, there has been a constant battle to build the world's next tallest building. The current record holder stands tall at 828 meters and took five years to build, but a Chinese company called Broad Sustainable Building aims to smash that record by building the 838 meter Sky City tower, in Changsa, China in a mere 90 days. BSB plans to use prefab building techniques to construct the tower in record time."
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Chinese Firms Claims It Can Build World's Tallest Tower in 90 Days

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  • Oh great! (Score:4, Informative)

    by oiron ( 697563 ) on Tuesday June 19, 2012 @06:13AM (#40367653) Homepage

    Skyscraper index [] here we come again!

  • Re:kinda cheating (Score:5, Informative)

    by MichaelJ ( 140077 ) on Tuesday June 19, 2012 @07:05AM (#40367859)

    Civil engineers are also held legally responsible and liable if there's a problem, and it should never, ever, fail or fall down outside of extraordinary circumstances. Unlike software which warrants left and right that there is no warranty and if you're lucky you'll get a patch with a bug fix.

    Or compare the licensing requirements:
    Civil Engineering: get a degree, pass the Fundamentals of Engineering, optionally get another degree, work professionally for a number of years, apply to take the PE exam, take the 8-hour PE exam, if you're lucky enough to pass (most don't), you now have your Professional Engineering license in that state (only) and can sign/stamp documents and plans.

    Software Engineering: n/a

  • Soil? (Score:4, Informative)

    by Guillaume le Btard ( 1773300 ) on Tuesday June 19, 2012 @07:21AM (#40367935)
    I live in Shanghai and on the other side of the river in Pudong we have quite a lot of tall buildings (Jin Mao tower 420m, Oriental Perl Tower 468m, Shanghai World Financial Center 492m) so I have no doubt that the Chinese have had some 'inspiration' from western builders on how to construct a tower. But I am wondering how the soil can deal with such a rapid construction of such a tall, thus heavy, building. Where I come from, the Netherlands, we have to put in a pretty good foundation for our buildings or they will sink into the soil. I can imagine that if you want to build such a tall building you would need some more time to allow the soil to solidify more or you'll risk the building sinking...
  • by Bigby ( 659157 ) on Tuesday June 19, 2012 @09:47AM (#40369235)

    A 3000 sq ft home on a $40k lot costs about $200k-$250k to build in central Ohio. I don't know where your numbers are coming from...

    And to the GGP, prefab homes are all over the USA. You won't find them in big cities, but the country has a significant number of them. They aren't a good investment, as they are always the crappiest home in the area and fall apart far quicker.

  • by GT66 ( 2574287 ) on Tuesday June 19, 2012 @11:44AM (#40370771)
    In the 1930s, you could order a home from the Sears catalog. It would be a complete kit that you put together on site. My grandmother had one. You'd never know it was a mail-order home.

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