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HP Rethinking Wisdom of Spinning Off PC Division 239

bdking writes "After signing off on former CEO Leo Apotheker's proposal to spin off or sell HP's personal computer unit, the company's braintrust is reassessing the wisdom of dumping a division that contributes nearly 30% of revenue and holds together a valuable supply chain." HP appears concerned not so much for the revenue generated by PC hardware, but instead by access to various distribution and supply channels. It seems that just announcing a spin-off has affected their access to retail distributors.
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HP Rethinking Wisdom of Spinning Off PC Division

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  • by silverglade00 ( 1751552 ) <silverglade00@[ ] ['gma' in gap]> on Wednesday October 12, 2011 @12:53PM (#37692104)
    I just got an email from HP about this. HP's Personal Systems Group is the #1 PC maker on the planet, and that won't change. I can assure you our future is brighter than ever. Spirit of a Startup Our preferred course to harness our vision of the future is to build a separate, more agile company. It's time to think like a startup again. It's time to be nimble and revolutionary. It's time again for world-changing innovation. And so, it's time we realized we're at a crossroads in an evolving HP. But don't misunderstand: We-the same great folks who make HP PCs today-will make them tomorrow. We will continue to build on our legacy creating reliable, stylish, and high-performance PCs to improve your personal and professional life.
  • by TheRaven64 ( 641858 ) on Wednesday October 12, 2011 @01:43PM (#37692896) Journal
    It doesn't matter. Judging by the trends in HP CEOs, Darl will only last 2 months. He will be replaced by Kim Jong Il, who will last a mere 3 weeks (and leave with a $100m golden parachute). The next CEO will be fired before she arrives in the building, and the one after her will be given her golden parachute before being offered the job. After that, things are going to get really bad...

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