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Cisco Emerges From Restructuring 13,000 Employees Lighter 138

Joining the ranks of accepted submitters, Zibodiz writes with an article in PC World about Cisco restructuring. From the article: "Cisco Systems emerged from 150 days of restructuring on Tuesday ... The networking company started to streamline its operations and refocus itself on a few core businesses earlier this year after posting disappointing financial results. The subsequent restructuring shut down its Flip consumer camcorder unit and other businesses and eliminated 12,900 jobs, with almost 23,000 employees moved in the process. Executives laid out some more details on Tuesday at Cisco's annual financial analyst conference in San Jose, California. Cisco's five areas of focus now are its core routing and switching business, collaboration, data-center virtualization, video, and tying these elements together in an overall architecture." Zibodiz further writes "Perhaps the most interesting thing to me is that Cisco had 12,900 employees that were doing things other than 'routing and switching, collaboration, virtualization, video, and ... architecture.'"
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Cisco Emerges From Restructuring 13,000 Employees Lighter

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  • the main issue (Score:4, Informative)

    by sxpert ( 139117 ) on Wednesday September 14, 2011 @10:34AM (#37398626)
    imho, the main problem with cisco is their inability to have a decent price list that one can count on, all hardware is sold at a variable discount different for each customer, seemingly depending on the direction of the wind. Also the necessity of having an active support contract to get firmware upgrades including the ones that patch urgent security bugs is a turn off, in particular when one has payed 5 or 6 figures for a piece of equipment...

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