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Why The US Will Lose a Cyber War 244

An anonymous reader writes "There's not another nation in the world that can wage kinetic warfare as effectively as the United States, and that's probably at the heart of the reason why the United States will lose a war fought in cyberspace, leading cyber security analyst Jeffrey Carr writes."
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Why The US Will Lose a Cyber War

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  • I've written about cyber warfare before and made some insightful points.

    The bottom line is this: We *CAN* win at cyber war but what we must do is ensure our warriors are comfortable and well nourished as they enter the battlefield. When a warrior is scheduled to go online, make sure they get a well balanced meal the night before. Lower carbohydrates and plenty of protein, preferably from vegan sources. For breakfast a high protein meal is a must, perhaps with some fair trade coffee lightened with a hint of organic soy milk. Some vitamin B complex and Omega 6 fatty acids will also help the brain stay alert during his mission.

    That's the nourishment side. Now to comfort.

    Low level, indirect lighting. High contrast, high refresh monitors at a distance that helps reduce the amount of EMR the soldier absorbs. Comfortable Pro Shiatsu massage chairs to keep the blood from pooling up in the back and torso.

    On of the most important things is the soldiers' nervous system care. If they are to be sitting at a computer all day long, they *must* have proper care both before and after their missions. I'd recommend an on-staff Chiropractor to break out the micro-subluxations that will inevitably form during the hours sitting in a chair. Even a good massage chair will let some develop, but they won't be serious if attended to within reasonable time. The last thing we want is a great cyber warrior crippled by subluxation (or worse, given cancer or heart disease by one) Chiropractic is by far the cheapest method of this. That's why we are petitioning the Veterans' Association to bring us on board in their long term care facilities. We can extend their lives and make the duration better quality.

    Take care,
  • sigh (Score:5, Funny)

    by hypergreatthing ( 254983 ) on Wednesday August 10, 2011 @09:41AM (#37043392)

    no such thing as a cyber war. If i were to guess, it would be koreans who win a cyber war because they're pros are starcraft. The US might be able to win at halo though, so it would be some sort of give and take.

  • by Lumpy ( 12016 ) on Wednesday August 10, 2011 @11:35AM (#37044634) Homepage

    The military have used EMF proof glass in their LCD monitors at the Pentagon and Chaney Mountain for years. Your research is based on old information and technology.

    Today the Cyber Soldier is housed in a gel immersion tank to simulate a weightless environment and has an array of no fewer that 4 projectors creating a 180 degree display. These projectors use 4 DLP chips designed for military use to eliminate any possible EMF or side band splatter making our Cyber Army nearly immune to any attack. Couple this with the light yellow tinted Revision Cybertactics Protective eyeware it eliminates strain and increases coordination by at least 27.685% over traditional outdated tactics like you talk about. The wavlet generator in the gel does sub-dermal massage to increase their comfort and the air permeable gel allows a constant air flow to keep them at a perfectly comfortable temperature.

    Also The Government has been testing on the ground troops the effectiveness of special energy drinks designed for this task Codename RIP-IT with some light Civilian testing as well to make sure the psychotropic side effects are controllable This creates a perfect nourshment system that gives them high carb energy drinks for morning after their high protien slurry feeding. Although some of them prefer the bar form instead of the slurry. All of this makes each soldier able to fight on the Cyber Warfront for at least 9 hours at a time. More dedicated soldiers accept the colostomy bag and urine tube to stay in the fight for days at a time. WE are working on better solutions for waste evacuation that are more comfortable for the soldier, NASA claims to have a solid waste sucker that only causes pinching discomfort for about 6 seconds while it extracts the waste.

    This has created a unstoppable force with one exception. the test unit of 12 team members were highly effective until their DSL connection at the pentagon was DDOS attacked. The Government is asking for Congressional funding to get more DSL lines installed but the current Tea-Party members are claiming that it is an un-needed expense.

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