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Chrome Bug Upgrades

Google Patches 30 Chrome Bugs, Adds Instant Pages 103

JohnBert writes "Google patched 30 vulnerabilities in Chrome, paying out the third-highest bounty total ever for the bugs that outsiders filed with its security team. The company packaged the patches with an update to Chrome 13, adding Instant Pages to the 'stable' channel of the browser. The feature, which Google earlier tucked into Chrome 13 previews, proactively pre-loads some search results to speed up browsing. Google last upgraded Chrome's stable build in early June. Like Mozilla, which this year shifted to a rapid-release schedule, Google produces an update about every six-to-eight weeks. Fourteen of the 30 vulnerabilities patched were rated 'high,' the second-most-serious ranking in Google's four-step scoring system, while nine were pegged 'medium' and the remaining seven were labeled 'low.'"
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Google Patches 30 Chrome Bugs, Adds Instant Pages

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  • Re:Instant Pages? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Bloodwine77 ( 913355 ) on Wednesday August 03, 2011 @12:02PM (#36973710)

    I added a simple check to my scripts long ago that detected Firefox prefetching and thew a HTTP 403 Forbidden status with a "Prefetching not permitted" message. It was straightforward to detect and block.

    Hopefully Chrome either makes it easy to detect and block, or at least easy to detect.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday August 03, 2011 @12:03PM (#36973716)

    The first issue is this is going to play havoc with traffic analytics and tracking.

    Good. If information about my browsing habits starts to become unusable then perhaps they will stop tracking it.

  • by kripkenstein ( 913150 ) on Wednesday August 03, 2011 @10:26PM (#36980828) Homepage

    While I appreciate this new print preview functionality, I am not impressed that:

    • first, it took so long and
    • second, that even the delivered functionality pales in comparison with its Firefox counterpart.

    This is what I mean: I would like to adjust margins on the fly as I can do with Firefox.

    What I find more annoying about the new print preview is that it isn't open source. It is in Chrome but not Chromium.

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