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How To Write Like Mark Zuckerberg 139

newguy77 found a story talking about the results of a linguistics expert being brought in on the Facebook ownership case. They claim the emails are faked since Zuckerberg uses apostrophes correctly and opens sentences more casually than the damning emails.
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How To Write Like Mark Zuckerberg

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  • by corbettw ( 214229 ) <corbettw&yahoo,com> on Monday June 06, 2011 @11:42AM (#36350956) Journal

    So all those years of being a grammar nazi can result in actual gainful employment? Who knew?


    They claim the emails are faked since he uses Apostrophes correctly

    But did he use Capitalization correctly?

  • by GodfatherofSoul ( 174979 ) on Monday June 06, 2011 @12:13PM (#36351432)

    Off-topic and pointless maybe, but I use them a lot in my own writing. I remember a handful of esoteric grammatical tips from way back in high school that I've found really help out with bringing the context of conversation to the written word. I'm no grammar god, but it's disappointing to see how much knowledge of the intricacies of our written language is being lost in the era of LOLs and ZOMGs. I'm a casual reader of the classics, and it's amazing how pervasive beautiful writing was even at the lowest tiers of education; e.g. Civil War-era letters from soldiers to their loved ones (lol).

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