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Microsoft Unbundles Software For NY City 131

doishmere writes "Microsoft has agreed to sell individual pieces of software to NY City workers, rather than forcing each seat to buy a full suite of software. The city has created three classes of users based on which pieces of software they need to perform their job, and Microsoft will sell software packages tailored to each class at a reduced price."
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Microsoft Unbundles Software For NY City

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  • Re:Microsoft (Score:5, Informative)

    by h4rr4r ( 612664 ) on Wednesday October 20, 2010 @07:17PM (#33967968)

    If you're one of those that appreciate quality, you go with Microsoft.

    Is this sarcasm?

    I mean you even mention the red ring of death producing machine right there.

  • Re:Microsoft (Score:3, Informative)

    by betterunixthanunix ( 980855 ) on Wednesday October 20, 2010 @07:24PM (#33968048)

    and it's what everyone uses in lower division college courses

    Really? I see Eclipse all over the place. Maybe I have not look around enough though...

  • by tverbeek ( 457094 ) on Wednesday October 20, 2010 @07:53PM (#33968338) Homepage

    I'm old enough to remember when Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Project, Visio, and whatever else MS is bundling these days as "Office" were simply separate products, which anyone could buy individually. "Microsoft Office" was just a less expensive way to get a bunch of them together. They were put together to leverage the more popular apps in the package, to entice (and then lock) users into using the less successful ones. The idea was to cut into (for example) WordPerfect sales by giving people who were already going to buy Excel a discounted copy of Word to go along with it. Or if you wanted Word and Powerpoint, you could get Excel along with them for a lot less than buying a separate license for Lotus 1-2-3. It worked, obviously, and now it's totally impractical to pick and choose which apps you want. If you want WordPerfect for its markup capabilities and Excel for its charting options, you pretty much have to pay for a bunch of other software you don't want to go with them.

  • Re:The Key Is (Score:2, Informative)

    by froggymana ( 1896008 ) on Wednesday October 20, 2010 @10:25PM (#33969444)

    You know that you can run Microsoft Office 2007 in Wine, right? It works very well and I have never had any problems with it on Linux. You just have to install a few extra things, but thats fairly easy with wine-tricks. I do a fair amount of things in it for school.

    I haven't tried Microsoft Office 2010 yet though, so its hard for me to say if it works or not.

  • Re:Nah its not us (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday October 21, 2010 @03:03AM (#33970684)

    why do politicians insist on buying the $400 toilet seats? oh thats right they get their pockets lined with politico bucks from the businesses they buy from

    (in case there are a few dense politicos and other liberals that don't understand the simile --- Micro$hit is the electronic toilet seat makers of the 21st century)

  • Re:Microsoft (Score:3, Informative)

    by itlurksbeneath ( 952654 ) on Thursday October 21, 2010 @07:48AM (#33971952) Journal

    Hmm.. Jdeveloper (from Oracle) is free as is Eclipse and NetBeans, and not just the crippled versions. The super-duper versions are free, too. Oracle XE is free as well, along with MySQL and PostgreSQL. There are other alternatives to Microsoft when it comes to free software. Most of the others don't have strings attached, too.

    Disclamer: I do not work for Oracle. I wasn't paid by anybody to say this. Hell, I wish I was - I could use the extra cash.

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