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Contextual Ads Based On Images 66

An anonymous reader writes "Technology Review reports on efforts to enable web ads to be targeted based on the content of online images, not text. All those user-generated photos on Facebook and Picasa could apparently be worth much more if it was possible to display adverts for pet food next to your snaps of your dog. Machine vision can apparently make that possible."
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Contextual Ads Based On Images

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  • Evolution (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday July 22, 2010 @08:10AM (#32988294)
    People are tired of crapvertisement exploding, find efficient entertainment elsewhere, internet evolves

    The internets is a fun place, banners and popups are crap but they can be turned off, we have fun

    "Non-intrusive" ads, they work well, people are spending money on things they want

    Explosion of "non-intrusive" ads, so whored out by 3rd parties it becomes a chaos of irrelevant ads with alot of clickthrough to get to actual content.

    After people found a "place online" to display their alter egos, their data is used to target them with unrelevant ads

    People's nonsignificant images are used and linked with any potential "product" that might be relevant 2011:
    Internet is the new television, nerds and geeks stop using the general internet and dive into darknets, advertizers chase them further down to sell stuff they don't want or need.
  • by thijsh ( 910751 ) on Thursday July 22, 2010 @08:24AM (#32988394) Journal
    When they know what you like and create an heuristic 'other people that liked X also like Y' kinda system you can actually get useful *new* recommendations you will probably also like... But with an image system like this you can imagine all the stupid fuck-ups and jokes that will ensue... "Yo momma is so fat that the ad Picasa shows next to all her photo's is: 'save the whales'"

    Plus you can be damn sure that if this system is smart enough to be useful it will be gamed, and I'm not worried about companies trying to get more hits, but rather the /B/tard horde... Can you imagine the shit they will get this system to display next to your images??? - Spaghetti = "Get your rare tentacle rape hentai here"
    Photo's of your little kids = "God loves all little children. Become a priest now!"
    Everything pokemon-ish = "So i herd u liek Mudkip"...

    Fuck, there will be more horrors than you or I can imagine now... and I can imagine quite a lot...

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