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Man Accused of Really Liking Piggy Back Rides 28

Police in Bonney Lake, Wa. are warning high school students to watch out for a man who might have a developmental disability and a fixation with high school athletes and piggy back rides. On Monday a Bonney Lake High School football player was lured to the public library by the man, who'd said he would help the player with a college term paper interview. Instead of helping the student the man starting acting strangely, jumped on the student's back and asked for a piggy back ride. The football player left soon after when the man gave him a package that contained "odd amounts of money."


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Man Accused of Really Liking Piggy Back Rides

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  • by TheABomb ( 180342 ) on Thursday September 17, 2009 @12:19PM (#29454617)

    What, were all the bills wadded with a prime number of bills and seventeen cents taped to each wad?

    • by geekoid ( 135745 )

      I tried sing odd amount of money to pay my mortgage. Apparent imaginary numbers one count if you have an imaginary house.

      • I tried doing an electronic transfer for a negative amount, hoping it would credit the money back to my account. It didn't work. Apparently the credit union's web designers are not quite as stupid as I hoped they were.
    • by b4upoo ( 166390 )

      Prejudice afoot! What about leap frog? Why should we allow a preference for piggy back when leap frog can offer the same rewards!

    • This is technically incorrect... 2 is considered the first prime number, and there are $2 denomination bills. Also, 2 is not an odd number.

  • Sounds like he shares the same kind of kink as the famous cartoonist, who was notorious for his piggy-back rides.
  • He looks a little like John Belushi.
  • by horatiocain ( 1199485 ) on Friday September 25, 2009 @10:07PM (#29545963)

    My girlfriend and I were wandering around Seattle in 2005, when he ran up and did his thing: []

    Haha, awesome. I can totally testify that he really really likes piggy back rides.

  • Man a Piggyback ride is NOTHING compared to a Piggybelly ride.


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