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IBM Predicts Massive Shifts In Advertising 135

Tech.Luver writes with news from IBM Global Business Services about its new report, The End of Advertising as We Know It (report PDF, summary PDF). It forecasts greater disruption for the advertising industry in the next five years than has occurred over the previous 50. Among the conclusions: broadcasters will have to change their mass audience mind-set to cater to niche consumer segments. Distributors will need to deliver targeted, interactive advertising for a range of multimedia devices. Advertising agencies must become brokers of consumer insights and guide allocation of advertising dollars amid exploding choices. All players must adapt to a world where advertising inventory is increasingly bought and sold in open exchanges vs. traditional channels.
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IBM Predicts Massive Shifts In Advertising

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  • press release (Score:4, Informative)

    by statemachine ( 840641 ) on Saturday November 10, 2007 @07:00PM (#21309495)
    And submitted by tech.luver, who is racing with ponca down the the bottom of the pit where roland lives.

    All these people want to do is promote their blogs. If /. would not directly link these people's names to any other website than /. these people will go away.
  • by analog_line ( 465182 ) on Saturday November 10, 2007 @07:13PM (#21309567) stopping it dead in its tracks. And as far as targetted ads go, I prefer targetting ads before they can target me.
  • by backslashdot ( 95548 ) on Saturday November 10, 2007 @07:38PM (#21309675)
    As users get more choice, advertisers must get bolder. Why? Because people are unaware of products and services.

    So expect advertisers to pull more and more stunts (for the sake of the economy and with the blessing of govt. of course).

    For example the forced sitting through a boring 20 second ad that doesnt even mention the product until the very end. Full screen web ads should get to the point within 1 or 2 seconds MAX.

    If people only par for and download online the tv shows they like .. people would no longer watch ads on TV. So the only thing advertisers can do is put intrusive advertising on webpages .. but eventually users will reject and move on from that.

    And so they will resort to buy mailing lists and sending spam.

    That's why I am going to have to resort to using a different email for every thing I sign up for.

    I mean the service provided by mailinator is good .. but it's easier just having a domain name and being able to block emails getting sent to a particular adress.

    So for example lets say slashdot was my domain .. if I sign on using for a company's mailing list .. and I find out they have been selling that email address I can just block that particular email address. All other @slashdot emails sent to me would work.

    Note, I am not against advertising .. I click on web ads if they inform me of inventive stuff I could really use.

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