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First Company Logo Visible From Space 436

Albert Sandberg writes, "KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has created the first logo that is visible from space. The construction was made by 65,000 1x1-foot tiles and covers about 2 acres. The logo was built and assembled over about a month and is located in the Nevada desert near Area 51. The article also has a short video showing the construction in time-lapse. Now the aliens know where to get their slimy food :-)"
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First Company Logo Visible From Space

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  • by Salvance ( 1014001 ) * on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @07:39PM (#16846058) Homepage Journal
    I wonder why someone doesn't make an advertisement in crops after harvest (e.g. like crop circles)? Seems like it would relatively cheap and easy to make something 100-200 acres (100X larger than the KFC ad), and it would certainly get a lot of press. More people might see it as well, since every flight attendant in the country would point it out to travelers as they fly over.
  • by qwerty shrdlu ( 799408 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @07:51PM (#16846230)
    Oh,someone did: []
  • Meh (Score:5, Interesting)

    by user24 ( 854467 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @07:52PM (#16846240)
    I'm still waiting for the first company logo visible from earth (in space).
    I always wondered how much it'd cost to paint the moon with a logo. I know it would be astronomical (heh), but surely it'd be worth it for whichever company (coke) did it? I mean, a logo on the moon! beat that, KFC. Who's going to be looking at their crappy from-space logo if the moon has a frikkin coke logo on it? ha!

    I think I need some more coffee.
  • by Scott7477 ( 785439 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @07:57PM (#16846304) Homepage Journal
    This is not such a bad idea; when the paranoids and UFO watchers check satellite shots of Area 51 they'll see the KFC ad, and notice they're hungry. Actually, Area 51 is probably near the top of the list of places people plug into Google Earth, so a lot of people are likely to see this.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @08:05PM (#16846406)
    Just read the novel "Buy Jupiter" by Isaac Asimov. If I recall correctly, in that story the entire planet Jupiter is sold to aliens who want to use it as an enormous advertising surface targeted at spaceships travelling nearby.
  • by gurudyne ( 126096 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @08:06PM (#16846428)
    -86.49187 Longitude
    41.66944 Latitude

    It is on the Bendix Proving Grounds, just West of South Bend, Indiana.

    Those are 20-30 meter tall trees. And the word 'Studebaker'(original owner) is about 550 meters long.
  • by Zonk (troll) ( 1026140 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @08:20PM (#16846576)
    I accidentally left out a K. Here it is, corrected:

    But they will know it can shred [wikipedia.org].

    In case you don't follow the link, it's about Buckethead. He's an awesome guitar player. He wears a white mask and a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket. Take a look at his picture in the Wikipedia link.

    As for the word, shred, here is a definition:

    1. To play distorted electric lead guitar in a manner which is at once so extremely cogent and rapid that listener experiences the sensation that the production of the sound should be impossible or nearly impossible.
    2. The art of Technically and rhythmically hammering out amazing and lightning-fast solos on a guitar.

    Source: Urban Dictionary [urbandictionary.com]

  • I object! (Score:2, Interesting)

    by scolen2 ( 956819 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @08:28PM (#16846680)
    Back in 93' I mowed with a tractor a RHCP logo into my field that was over 10 Acers... It was not only visible by traffic flying into San Jose but also from space. SO.. I'm suing! Accually, you can almost still see it after the grass grew in.. you'll see it in teh center... http://terraserver-usa.com/image.aspx?T=1&S=11&X=1 551&Y=10252&Z=10&W=1 [terraserver-usa.com] :-)
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @09:11PM (#16847068)
    You've obviously missed this one
    http://slashdot.org/articles/06/08/15/1935259.shtm l [slashdot.org]
  • by dhanes ( 735504 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @09:27PM (#16847196)
    The Indonesians apparently have a word for man (I'm sorry I can't come up with a link, I was told this by someone who taught Silat [wikipedia.org].) that basically means 'long pig'.

    Ever wonder why canabalism is considered so bad, why Jewish rules forbid pork, and why the saturated fats from pork products are so bad for humans? I've wondered that if human meat tastes like pork, and since humans and pigs are anatomically/physiologically [nih.gov] close to each other one of the reasons canabalism is so horrible is that the ingestion of human meat is at least as bad or worse than pork.

    Disgusting Food for Thought.

    Disclaimer:) I do like bacon, prosciutto and chinese pork/chicken sausages. After thinking about the above though, I do try to limit the amount of pork that my family eats.

  • Re:oblig (Score:3, Interesting)

    by nametaken ( 610866 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @10:18PM (#16847546)

    I know I don't have to see it, but somehow this bothers me. Something about my planet being a fucking galactic billboard... but I can't quite pin it down.
  • by HeyTC ( 1027386 ) on Tuesday November 14, 2006 @10:37PM (#16847682)
    GoogleMap: http://tinyurl.com/ts7nh [tinyurl.com] "About 1965, (3) probably in winter (Hoare, 2003), a decision was made to construct a giant rendition of the Readymix company logo virtually exactly halfway along the Eyre Highway, north of the 225 mile peg. ...The diamond, its long axis at a bearing of 82[degrees] true, measured two miles long by one mile high [3.2 x 1.6km, so each side was 1.8km], with each letter being 800x600 feet [240x180m]." Reference: http://www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_0286- 9508372_ITM [accessmylibrary.com]
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 15, 2006 @12:27AM (#16848406)
    I'm actually from Kentucky, and I'll tell you that it's true. Kentucky did trademark its name and it led to the "Run for the Roses" and KFC crap. I first noticed KFC using its full name about 6 months ago, as for the kentucky derby site, it seems to have originally been created back in 1995.
    It could have just been a realization on the part of the politicians that their initial shakedown would lead to obscurity for our state. So they relented.
  • by BigBlockMopar ( 191202 ) on Wednesday November 15, 2006 @12:42AM (#16848512) Homepage

    "Kentucky Fried Chicken" was changed to KFC back in 1991! You may or may not have heard the rumor that they were forced to change the name to KFC because the FDA said their chicken was not longer chicken... but apparently that is not true.

    Yeah, that's absolute idiocy. I was working for McDonalds at the time, back in high school, and we had the same bullshit: "The patties are 100% pure beef" implied that we'd created/purchased a company called "100% Pure Beef". We didn't; the supplier (name a Canadian or American national meat packaging company) and the ingredients were marked clearly on the box: beef. Some even stated province: Pure Alberta Beef. 100% Ontario Beef. New York's finest Dead Cow. (OK, the last one was a joke... d'Uh)) The fact is (and as a former manager, a position to which I was promoted quickly because I actually showed up on time and *most* days liked my co-workers, customers and my job) McDonald's hamburgers are a higher grade of beef (Cdn AAA) than you can usually buy in the supermarket. That's lower fat than is commonly available to consumers. And it's very important to McDonalds - higher fat would be bad for the cooking process (admittedly not an open flame, unfortunately) and for the dietary disclosures now required. Throw a 1/4 pound of top-end premium ground into a frying pan, and I guarantee you'll get more fat than if you threw a *half* pound of uncooked McDonalds quarter-patties in the pan. (Try a few McDonalds, tell them you're on some sort of my-parents-were-idiot-hippies raw beef diet, sooner or later one of them will let you have uncooked patties. American or Canadian, I'll bet money than 1/2 pound of McDonalds patties gives less fat than 1/4 of extra-lean grocery store beef.)

    As for KFC, all you need to do is bite into it to know it's chicken. I don't know what sort of scientifically (and culinarily) inept uncircumcised inbred NDP-voter started the rumor that "KFC can't call themselves KFC because they don't serve chicken", but it's really sufficiently asinine that the offender shouldn't be allowed to vote or procreate. If you disagree, there's a great B-Movie (sparsely available by Torrents, etc.) called "The Willies" - you'll enjoy the Tennessee Fricassee Chicken scene for sure.

    I can't speak for the PETA comments against KFC, which I hope are the usual PETA bullshit. I am a carnivore but I feel for anything with a nervous system - but I will remind you that PETA has been right on occasion. OTOH, if there were anything more stupid than chicken, it would be called a "plant", it would breathe carbon dioxide, and it would think George Bush was a terrific President.

    Yes, KFC is chicken. Yes, it's fried. Yes, the founder was from Kentucky. If you're too stupid to understand that the K and the F became liabilities with the diet craze(s) (whatever happened to *moderation*, you know, like us adults do), you don't deserve to breathe or breed.

    But so long as you money is still real, "Can I take your order?" (We don't even want to get into my experiences with fat people: "Double Big Mac combo, large sized, large soft drink... better make it a Diet Coke, I'm trying to lose weight..." Me, screaming in my mind at the top of my lungs: "THEN MAKE THIS YOUR WEEKLY NOT DAILY TREAT TO YOURSELF, GET AN ACTIVE HOBBY, AND CUT OFF THE BON-BONS, YOU FUCKING HIDEOUS AND STINKY BEACHED WHALE." Spoken: "Oh yes, a Diet Coke will do *wonders* for your physique." - if they were any dumber, or if I were a commissioned salesperson, I'd tell them I was gay and sell them a *simply fabulous* pair of culottes and a front-load washer - they're dumb enough to trust "diet" over common sense, so they must be dumb enough to trust a cute little rubber door seal over gravity.)

    Finally, say what you want about KFC, but sometimes I just get a craving for it - it's damned good (except when you go to a sucky franchise whose left it under the heat lamps too long, in which case it's only slightly better than cafeteria food). KFC, aside from their proprietary seasonings,

  • Spoken: "Oh yes, a Diet Coke will do *wonders* for your physique."

    You've got a great point, but consider the effect a large coke has on your body. Let us take a look at Ye Olde nutrition index [mcdonalds.com]. A Big Mac has 560 calories, and 47 grams of carbohydrates. A large coke has 310 calories, resulting from 86g of carbohydrates (all sugars.)

    If you ate the kind of meal I usually eat when I eat at McD's, you'd have a couple of McChickens and a diet coke. The coke has no nutritional value, although I still think the jury is out on nutrasweet. And the McChickens have 370 calories, a little under half of which are from fat. Whee. But a large coke would have just as many calories as one of those, and I'd get half again more calories. 640 calories, on the other hand, is not unreasonable for lunch on a 2000 calorie diet.

    But actually, carbohydrates have a greater impact on your body than fat. It is healthier for you to eat 600 calories of fat than 600 calories of carbohydrates. First, even saturated fat raises both your HDL and LDL levels. On its own, eating lard would probably not elevate your cholesterol score as a result of this. But carbs kick your pancreas into gear, and huge influxes of "ready" carbohydrates are the most damaging influence. In addition, your brain decides whether or not you are hungry based on glucose levels. Over time it becomes resistant to glucose and it takes more and more carbs to feel full. This leads to a vicious cycle of addiction that frequently leads to obesity. However, as you are putting ever-increasing loads on your pancreas, it is likely (but AFAIK not yet conclusively proven, only very strongly indicated) that this is the cause of the diabetes epidemic in the US. Apparently now India is also experiencing the same effects as their economy heats up and more people eat more processed foods, which are typically carb-heavy and have tons of added sugar, to improve both flavor and shelf life. Take a look at hot dog packages sometime and count carbohydrates if you want to know how much of the meat you buy is actually meat...

    Of course you are quite correct that eating a big mac and a large fries is, as you say, more than pretty much anyone should be eating. In fact, back in the olden days, McDonalds only had one size of french fry, and it was what we now call a "small". This is all irrelevant to me however, because I can remember when they had crispy french fries that someone might actually want to eat, which was much more recently... and I won't bother to even eat their damned fries now.

    But the bottom line is that saying that the diet coke is irrelevant is like saying that you shouldn't care if you get stabbed when you've just been shot, because you already have a more serious wound.

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