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Unplugging Your Backups 71

Lucas123 writes "Computerworld has an article about how consumers, home offices and company branch offices can use microwave, free space optics, WiMax, and a new Wireless USB protocol to backup and access data over short and long distances. The story says that wireless USB can be used to transmit data from one to 10 feet from a PC or laptop at up to 480Mbps, while microwave and WiMax can be used to transmit data securely over miles. Steinbach Credit Union Inc., in Canada, has been using microwave and an IP network for years to backup data to a disaster recovery site 32 miles away, the story states."
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Unplugging Your Backups

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  • Verbs and Nouns (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 09, 2006 @11:42PM (#16790930)
    Guys, "backup" is a noun. You do not "backup" a computer. You
    "back up" a computer.

    You don't "login" either, or "logoff", or "setup". Next thing
    you know "turnon" and "turnoff" will be verbs, too.

    I know it's hopeless, but come on! Get a clue!

  • by thetamind_pyros ( 656004 ) on Friday November 10, 2006 @12:23AM (#16791132) Homepage

    Steinbach Credit Union is my home bank, so it was interesting to hear how they set this up back in 2003.

    SCU has a second branch located in Winnipeg. Data is constantly synchronized between the two sites providing a physical disaster recovery solution and a convenience for customers, as loan information, etc is always up-to-date so it doesn't matter which branch you visit. (People from Steinbach often visit Winnipeg for shopping and movies). As opposed to paying $70,000 per month for 3rd party leased lines, or $1 million to lay their own fibre, SCU found the cost-effective solution to create their own private wireless network. SCU also uses the direct link for email, VoIP, and streaming security cameras which provides additional bandwidth and long-distance savings.

    The towers are full-duplex and shoot a narrow microwave beam which is almost impossible to intercept 100 feet above ground and data is encrypted "2^48 power" and apparently not affected by the weather. <<insert Canadian weather joke>>

    SCU won the silver medal in the Spring 2003 Storage Innovator awards competition for their innovative wireless SAN setup.

    Here [] are more article [] links with details [] and diagrams of the setup and equipment used.

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