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Eben Moglen To Scrutinize Novell-Microsoft Deal 102

An anonymous reader writes "Novell is providing Eben Moglen's Software Freedom Law Center with confidential access to the legal terms of the Novell-Microsoft partnership, allowing to organization to verify if the deal is compatible with the GPL2 and GPL3 licenses. Moglen in the past has alleged that the patent license between the two companies could be in violation with section 7 of the GPL. Novell on Tuesday published a document on its website, explaining that they circumvented the GPL provisions by providing a patent license to the end user rather than between the two companies."
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Eben Moglen To Scrutinize Novell-Microsoft Deal

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  • by QuantumG ( 50515 ) <> on Thursday November 09, 2006 @08:54PM (#16790211) Homepage Journal
    Q9. Did you sell us all up the river for 80 pieces of gold?

    Novel has always been willing to sell the open source community and its works to anyone who is willing to pay us. We do not see Microsoft's evil undead army of lawyers any differently than we do our own customers. If you all end up in the galley of a ship pulling oars we wouldn't be suprised, but hey, you're the dickheads who keep assigning copyright to our corporate entity and that's what makes it all possible. Fuck you very much.
  • by nuggz ( 69912 ) on Thursday November 09, 2006 @11:14PM (#16790774) Homepage
    The loophole is clear, they aren't giving anyone a license.

    However IF there is a violation they promise not to sue certain people for using it.

    I now think it's likely a valid loophole.

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