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New MacBook Dual Core 2 Benchmarks 229

ApolloX writes "New Macbook Pro Benchmarks are now available. From the article: 'Like the iMac before it, Apple's MacBook Pro underwent an upgrade highlighted by a chip swap — the Core Duo processor that used to power Apple's pro laptop is gone, replaced by the next-generation Core 2 Duo. And as with our iMac benchmarks, these updated Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro models show a modest performance gain when compared to older systems running on Core Duo chips with the same clock speeds.' As expected, the new 15-inch Intel Dual Core 2 (2.33Ghz/2GB RAM) is the new king of Apple portables, with results for the 17-inch model still pending."
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New MacBook Dual Core 2 Benchmarks

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  • Temperature (Score:4, Interesting)

    by tpengster ( 566422 ) < minus cat> on Saturday November 04, 2006 @01:39PM (#16717093)
    I'm more interested in how hot these things run.. my old Core Duo MBP runs so hot I can't even use it on my lap, and the fan emits a really annoying loud, high-pitched whine. This computer is actually physically painful to use.
  • by gumbi west ( 610122 ) on Saturday November 04, 2006 @02:01PM (#16717315) Journal
    This is sort of a problem for Apple. the iBook / Powerbook had good name separation, "MacBook" and "MacBook Pro" were bad choices b/c everybody adds "pro" to everything these days to mean absolutely nothing. So you'd think you could drop it.

    As far as the no proofing, it's supposed to be part of the charm of the site. I think it's like how people like soaps to look cheap and for the sets to fall over sometimes.

  • Stupid Headline (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Nom du Keyboard ( 633989 ) on Saturday November 04, 2006 @03:20PM (#16717943)
    New MacBook Dual Core 2 Benchmarks

    This headline does more than suggest, it actually states, that the system under benchmark has two Core 2 processors. That would be a total of four processing cores spread over two chips, and quite a burden on the poor system's batteries.

    WRONG! What it has is a Core 2 Duo dual-processor chip.

    It's bad enough the the submitter can't properly write the headline. That the Slashdot editor let it through in this form deserves having him (or her) sent back to Remedial English, and not allowed near a keyboard until they pass it.

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