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Cyber Bullying Destroys Anonymity 99

aussie_a writes "The BBC has an article on online bullying in South Korea. The problem has grown so large that in addition to the police having dedicated cyber terror units, the South Korean government will enact a law next year forcing South Koreans to reveal their name and ID before posting online. However some ISPs want the government to go further and to ban some people from being able to log onto the internet at all."
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Cyber Bullying Destroys Anonymity

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  • by Txiasaeia ( 581598 ) on Saturday November 04, 2006 @11:02AM (#16715517)
    According to the article, a major problem is using somebody else's username/password on various social networking sites in order to flame people. This seems like a serious problem. In reality, if Slashdot collected my SIN number and stored it in a database (linked only with my email address, for login purposes), why would I care? If I say something wrong, the police get me. If the database is hacked, my SIN & email address (from which my real name can't be generated) is in somebody else's hands. So what? A random number generator could come up with some SIN numbers too.

    Let them collect numbers. If it stops cyber-bullying, which is a *real* problem in our world, good for them. As an aside, I'm teaching English here in SK at the moment, and the whole social networking side of the country is pretty much invisible to me. The article was an interesting insight into a culture that, as a non-Korean speaker, I can never be a part of.

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