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Political Mudslinging Via YouTube, MySpace 249

An anonymous reader writes "BusinessWeek takes a look at how political campaigns are taking the time-honored tradition of political mudslinging digital. One notable example: In the Virginia Senate race incumbent Republican George Allen held a comfortable lead over challenger Jim Webb until one of Webb's camera-toting aides captured footage of Allen making a racial slur during a campaign stop. The video soon held the number 1 ranking on YouTube and gained national attention. Allen has since taken a steep drop in the polls, and Republicans now risk losing a seat they thought secure."
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Political Mudslinging Via YouTube, MySpace

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  • 2008 Elections (Score:4, Interesting)

    by twifosp ( 532320 ) on Thursday November 02, 2006 @04:16PM (#16693703)
    This is really the first election where online material might have significantly moved a vote. You can bet it will be much worse in 2008.

    Given that YouTube is unregulated, I bet we start seeing fake videos hit the networks. Some anonymous user posts a video of Joe Schmo canidate talking about some random topic. A bit of audio editing (think voice boards) later, some grainy artifacts in the right place, and some clever timing and suddenly Joe Schmo just got caught saying something bad. Will it matter if the politician refutes the video? Even if they prove it to be fake, the damage will probably already be done. No real account to tie the slandering back to. No one to sue, and all YouTube can do is take down the video and ban the account. Damage already done, and no real risk.

    In the 50's we had the red scare. In the next election there migth be a YouTube scare.

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