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PS3 Japanese Estimates Down, No 360 Price Drop 84

There are unhappy gamers on a couple sides of the console wars today. IGN is reporting that Japan's allotment of 100,000 PS3 units will actually be more like 80,000. From that article: "The lack of digits in that number is even more staggering when you consider that the PS2 sold out of nearly a million units when it launched back in March of 2000. Having lived through a few weeks of attempting to obtain a PS3 pre-order, we're not too surprised by the lowered shipping numbers. Allocations disappeared quickly at online retailers that were brave enough to start pre-order programs. The online arm of media retailer Tsutaya ran out of units in 6 minutes according to Nikkei (it felt more like 1 minute to us)." Meanwhile, the Seattle PI reports that Microsoft has once again denied the possibility of a 360 price drop any time soon.
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PS3 Japanese Estimates Down, No 360 Price Drop

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  • by kinglink ( 195330 ) on Tuesday October 31, 2006 @12:43PM (#16659491)
    We aren't going to ship 4 Million, we're going ship 2 by the end of the year
    We aren't going to ship to Europe until March.
    We are dropping the lower priced system's price by 10000 yen(or so) in japan but we're not scared
    We aren't going to be able to make the launch numbers.

    Jesus, could they be any stupider? Now they are running advertisements for the PS3 on TV. what? Do they think they are going to get more interest with a doll in the ad rather then showing game play? The simple fact is they want people killing each other to get the system, and it's just not happening. They can't sell more than they are shipping, and that's already low, but they need people to drool so much they aren't picking up a 360 instead. What's worse, those guys who preorder or who will go the distance, probably have a 360 at home so while they gain market share, they aren't getting the 1 system families.

    The PS3 has been a huge mistake every step of the way, and just when you think it is over.... it's not.

    Hell I wouldn't be surprised if the systems don't boot up or immediately don't work, Sony's track record wasn't great, but the PS3 makes me think there was a mandatory lobotomy of all Sony management.

    And this doesn't get into the fact that Sony's advertising diversion is.... well if Management got lobotomies, they got headectomies. Their advertising isn't just weak, it's ineffectual.
  • by ShadowsHawk ( 916454 ) on Tuesday October 31, 2006 @01:38PM (#16660561)
    Nintendo is the only one that goes by sales figures. $ony and Micro$oft go buy units shipped. Probably not a huge difference but it is worth taking note of.

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