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Microsoft Announces Major Xbox Live Update 48

simoniker writes "Microsoft has announced its sixth major update to the Xbox Live online service for Xbox 360, with 85 new features and enhancements, including support for native 1080p games and movies, faster Xbox Live Arcade game list display times, and more options for video playback. The company has announced that it will debut the update Tuesday, October 31, and the free download will be available to all Xbox Live Silver and Gold account holders, and will not require the use of the Xbox 360's hard drive."
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Microsoft Announces Major Xbox Live Update

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  • by Viewsonic ( 584922 ) on Monday October 30, 2006 @06:00PM (#16649343)
    You would be surprised how many people are holding off on buying a 360 for this simple feature alone. You wouldn't think it would be a big deal for people, but it certainly seems to be. You can't read any message board or blog site without seeing people wanting DivX support anymore. I suppose this will have to be done eventually to compete with the PS3, as it'll be bootable into Red Dog Linux, which already supports pretty much every codec out there. Competition is great, but man, some companies are really stubborn. They should have had a look at the XBMC and copied it entirely from the getgo, it was one of the most popular reasons people even bought the first XBox.

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