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Greek Blog Aggregator Arrested 180

arcanumas writes to tell us that Greek authorities have raided the house of Antonis Tsipropoulos, administrator of the blog aggregation site His hard drive was seized and he was arrested. The impetus was a satiric website, not named in the stories, that apparently offended a Greek public figure (also unnamed). The site in question was not hosted by Tsipropoulos but was merely linked to by his RSS fed. From the first article: "The developing story coincides with the Internet Governance Forum being hosted in Athens this week, to be attended by Internet luminaries, entrepreneurs, and activists like Vint Cerf, Bob Kahn, and Joi Ito and featuring panels on Openness and Freedom of Expression."
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Greek Blog Aggregator Arrested

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    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday October 29, 2006 @05:42PM (#16635626)
    Are the quotes picked randomly or are they chosen or picked automatically by keywords?
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    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday October 29, 2006 @10:30PM (#16637776)

    Speakfor yourself, zealot.

    I speak only for the Truth.

    Example: I have no belief in God. Yet, oddly, most people I meet consider me to be one of the nicest persons they've ever met

    It is odd indeed, for so far from beig a nice person, you are a doomed no-believer. The problem is that it is not only your own soul that you are damming, you are bringing the anger of God onto every person you meet. This is whay all decent countries have the death penalty for atheism.

    So, if it's deeds, I'm going to whatever 'good' version of the afterlife there is ...

    But your refusal to offer gratitude to the Creator, or even to acknowledge Him as your Father is an extremely evil deed. Hence you are doomed to be swallowed in the lake of fire.

    ... but that's not enough if I'm in a church-mandated government; I also have to go through the rediculous rituals, the lame on-your-knees begging for salvation.

    God demands obedience, nothing more nothing less. Obviously even denying His existence is not obedience. Refusing to participate in those rituals He has prescribed for us is also not obedience. I'm sorry you think obedience to God is "lame," but this kind of attitude just shows why you need to be removed from the community.

    Not only is that an inconvenience, it's an infringement on my rights

    What rights? You have no rights other than those God grants you and since you refuse to acknowledge your Creator you have no rights at all. Only those fake "rights" which your secular government thinks it can give, but you will find them to be hollow at the end of days!

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